Can’t we go back to comfortable?

Do you every wonder why things seem to move along normally–not perfectly, but in a comfortable, familiar pattern for a while, then all of a sudden everything changes and you are hurled into a season where everything goes wrong? You begin to feel like an island–disconnected from the rest of the world, or at least from the people in your world. You didn’t change, but something did, and now what used to work does not work anymore.

Just when I feel comfortable with the familiar and have a good handle on my life and things are going my way–BAM–then it happens: dry spells and time alone in the desert.  Desert walking requires me to cover new territory, overcome new obstacles and conquer bigger problems.

No offense, but I prefer familiar.  Except God doesn’t want me too comfortable living in the land of familiar. He wants me to grow–expand my horizons, have more purpose and meaning in my life.

Thanks God. But really–can’t we go back to comfortable?

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