Love is in the air….Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…Here is an excerpt from my book, “Love Letters from the Heart of God.” Enjoy…It is also available on Amazon $20 and free shipping–Great gift for Valentine’s Day!

Love Letters

Love Letters from the Heart of God. a beautifully illustrated book in full color, ideal for gift-giving. If you have difficulty telling others about God’s love, or sharing the gospel, this book will do it for you. Readers will experience: *comfort *hope *calmness of spirit *warmed heart.

My Dear Child,

Love is like sunshine on a rainy day–it’s warm and welcome.
Love is like medicine for the heart, it makes you smile;
Love makes you see through rose-colored glasses;
Love causes you to laugh out loud at the simplest of things;
Love gives life to the marrow of your bones;
Love inspires and motivates;
Love fills your head with happy thoughts, your heart with song, and your feet with dance and your soul with peace;
Love is unconditional.
Love comes gently when you least expect it.
Aspire to be everything that love is…

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