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My book: “Stop Crying & Grieving”

                sold 34 copies in 5 days and went to 4 countries!   Yea!


New Release

Free eBooklet today, March 10 through Tuesday, March 13, 2018

stop crying coverAmazonThis booklet will bring hope, encouragement and insight to help you heal from traumatic loss. Overcome grief, sadness, depression, anger and loneliness to experience fullness of life again.  Suffering is not God’s plan or purpose for you. Find help, comfort and encouragement through the pages of this booklet. There is hope. Be set free and live again.

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This book is for everyone who has questions about heaven and how to be certain they are going there. This booklet is Scripture based and will help the reader discover:

*if heaven exists  *if hell existsheaven or hell kdp book cover  *what heaven looks like  *what hell is like

*how you can know for sure where you will spend eternity

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New Release

50 Shades front cover2

50 Shades of Love is a collection of mini meditations to help you know the depth, breadth and heighth of God’s love for you. You are the apple of His eye!

Linda Irene is the author of:

*Abused No More – A book of positive affirmations and Bible promises especially for the abused.   Also an Audiobook

*Has God Said Thou Shalt Stay Abused? A Memoir and Roadmap to Healing

*Love Letters from the Heart of God – A collection of letters as written from God to us.


New Five-Star Review

A memoir, journey through abuse; God’s provision and miracles along the way.

Has God Said Thou Shalt Stay Abused?

New five-star review October 9, 2015 By Peggy L. Collins

Not only is this a story of overcoming a very difficult situation where she feared for her life, but how God worked through her to tell her story to help others. Linda Irene has provided some intense research about abusive behavior, and offered some well-founded resources to assist those in need.