Abuse = power & control

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My book shares tons of information as well as personal stories. It’s available at: createspace.com/5271988. Use discount code TXMKMAVA for 15% off at checkout. You’ll love it!

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50 Shades of Love is a collection of mini meditations to help you know the depth, breadth and heighth of God’s love for you. You are the apple of His eye!


Linda Irene is the author of:

*Abused No More – A book of positive affirmations and Bible promises especially for the abused.   Also an Audiobook

*Has God Said Thou Shalt Stay Abused? A Memoir and Roadmap to Healing

*Love Letters from the Heart of God – A collection of letters as written from God to us.


New Five-Star Review

A memoir, journey through abuse; God’s provision and miracles along the way.

Has God Said Thou Shalt Stay Abused?

New five-star review October 9, 2015 By Peggy L. Collins

Not only is this a story of overcoming a very difficult situation where she feared for her life, but how God worked through her to tell her story to help others. Linda Irene has provided some intense research about abusive behavior, and offered some well-founded resources to assist those in need.


A Birthday to Remember!

For my birthday, I decided to take advantage of an email special I’d received for Matthew’s Restaurant, 2107 Hendricks Ave., Jacksonville, FL

I couldn’t have made a better choice! I began my celebration with an Italian sidecare cocktail. A delicious combination of biscotti liqueur, a fennel/anise type flavor combined with something delicately citrus , served with a lemon twist–very delicious. 

My waiter , Jason, was very attentive to my needs, most often meeting them before I asked. He did little things that were over and above what a typical waiter would do. He helped me with menu choices by patiently explaining my options and answering my questions. Even though he was busy, he never made me feel rushed.

I finally decided upon the Prime Beef Tenderloin with heirloom tomato salad, feta, basil, manodori balsamic, done medium rare,  which was moist and tender. I opted for the Ginger Summer Vegetables, brushed with Coconut Oil as my side and topped the meal with their Sassafras Soufflé, fresh cherry compote, vanilla gelato dessert.

Since it was my birthday, the dessert chef wrote Happy Birthday in what appeared to be chocolate sauce on my serving dish–a very touching and pleasant surprise. 

I had the opportunity to observe and interact with Chef Art. He is amazing to watch as he preps food with the upmost of care –particular that each morsel is diced or chopped to perfection. He plates food with creativity and beautiful expression. He took the time to interact with me personally, adding to my overall enjoyable experience.

In general, the staff was friendly, polite and eager to please. It was a wonderful evening and I could not have asked for anything more. The food is of the highest quality with emphasis on presentation and flavor, although pricey, definitely worth it. The food was excellent and the company moreso.

Bon Appetit