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Customer Review: This book is not just something you read and put away. It’s true value is that you can pick it up at any day or time, flip to any page and find the encouragement you need to get through the situation of the day. For those who have suffered abuse and the low self esteem that comes with it…it will help you recognize your value in the eyes of the God who created you and , if you let it, it will help you take the small steps (one at a time) to rise above and go beyond to a much better place. Abuse can come in many forms…spousal, parental, sibling, friend…it can be physical, sexual or purely emotional. While the book seems to arise out of spousal abuse, the principles can be applied to any abuse situation. It is interesting that the author chose not to tell a personal story but offered those things that helped her come out of her own difficult situation. It is a true sharing of the heart.                     –Sharon Loomis 5/25/14


paperback            eBook

 Customer Review: I finished your book.  Wow, what insight for the abused person!  You seem to have covered it all and gave great references and support to those that are in the midst of turmoil.

I can only empathize, but now at least I can understand better your plight and those that are facing those horrible situations right now. May God put your book in the desperate hands of someone who needs guidance and support.  God bless your strength and God bless you.                              –Carol Mowrey 3.4.15
new 50 shades cover

50 Shades of His Love. This book will help the reader: *Experience God’s love more fully *Deepen your faith *Expect miracles *Receive all His blessings *eliminate fear and worry Paperback link:

heaven or hell kdp book cover

Heaven or Hell, you decide. This booklet is Scripture based and will help the reader discover: *if heaven exists *if hell exists *what heaven looks like *what hell is like *how you can know for sure where you will spend eternity eBook link:

I Will Restore Your Health

I Will Restore your Health and Heal your Wounds. This book will help you: * Know who God is * Who Jesus is and all that He did for us * Understand the power and authority we have in Christ * Overcome fear, anxiety, stress, worry, guilt * Walk in restored health * Give you tools to overcome our enemy’s attacks * Receive ALL His benefits and blessings.

Love Letters

Love Letters from the Heart of God. A beautifully illustated book in full color, ideal or gift-giving. If you have difficulty telling others about God’s love, or sharing the gospel, this book will do it for you. Readers will experience: *comfort *hope *calmness of spirit *warmed heart.



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