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Do You Have Hamster Love?



Did you know that hamster love is Biblical?

When my children were small, we had hamsters. What we did not know until it was too late, was that we had male and female hamsters. Hamsters are nocturnal and since I tend to be a night person, I had the opportunity to observe them while everyone else slept.

What amused and fascinated me was how the males and females interacted with each other—he pursued, she allowed him to.  The process went something like this: He showed interest by sniffing her tail. She’d put her tail down, make one lap around the cage to flee and then after she got six inches past him going into the second lap, she’d stop and put her tail up to allow him to catch up and approach her. As soon as he thought he was home free, she’d take off again. The process repeated several times until she was ready, only then did consummation happen.

God designed men to pursue—it’s in their DNA—their primal nature to hunt.  Today’s women very often do the pursuing. While it strokes the male ego, it partially robs him of his identity and the satisfaction of a successful chase, and it robs her of feeling special, sought after, and desired.

While I do not advocate tail sniffing, I do think we need to get back to nature and do things the way God intended. What do you think?