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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Flyer

A Mother’s love is like sunshine on a rainy day–-it’s warm and welcome.

A Mother’s love is like medicine for the heart, it makes you smile;

A Mother’s love makes you see through rose-colored glasses;

A Mother’s love causes you to laugh out loud at the simplest of things;

A Mother’s love inspires and motivates;

A Mother’s love fills your head with happy thoughts, your heart with song, and your feet with dance and your soul with peace;

A Mother’s love is unconditional.

Remember, Mom, this Mother’s day with a book of Love Letters from God — click the Mother’s Day flyer link. 

Happy Mother’s Day

Grab a Publisher’s Attention

Grab a Publisher’s Attention with Proper Formatting


Manuscript Standards 

  • Save file as Microsoft Word format (.doc) or rich text format (.rft)
  • Times New Roman or Courier font, 12 point type
  • Double space
  • Indent first line of each paragraph 5 points (automatic)
  • Justified
  • Insert a  ‘page break’ at the end of each chapter
  • Use only one space after a period or colon
  • Do not add additional lines after a paragraph
  • Do not use hyphens to split words at the end of a line
  • Compile all chapters into one file
  • Insert page numbers
  • Insert author name and manuscript title in header at top of every page begin with the first page of the story.
  • Check publisher’s submission guidelines and follow their preferences
  • Spellcheck to keep manuscript error-free
  • Make as grammatically correct as possible; use professional editor service especially if self-publishing
  • Use 10 point type for footnotes, single-spaced
  • Do not use all caps in text
  • Do not use tabs to indent run-over lines; instead use the paragraph formatting tool

Preferred Stylebooks:

Manuscript writers, editors, publishers: Chicago Manual of Style, by University of Chicago Press staff

Journalists: Associated Press Stylebook, by The Associated Press

General: The Elements of Style, by William Strunk, Jr & E.B. White

Legal: The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, by Harvard Law Review

Medical:  AMA Manual of Style, by Oxford University Press