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New Year: New Goals, New Visions

don't look backIt’s time to push the reset button. As I look over the past year I see some accomplishments,  unfulfilled dreams, and a few goals still waiting to be accomplished.

The new year brings a fresh perspective, refreshed plans of attack  and visions for the coming year.  After evaluating what worked and what did not last year, and after taking a closer look at what is important to me, I decided that it would be necessary to make changes–positive changes. I made a list and wrote down some logical steps that would propel me in the right direction.

Here are some of my goals and visions for the New Year:

  • join a social club
  • find a church with stained glass windows that resonates with me
  • open myself to the possibility of marrying again
  • move to the beach
  • commit to finding a publisher for my books
  • make healthier diet and lifestyle changes
  • make a conscious effort to enjoy every day
  • become more aware
  • do something to help others
  • let go of everything that holds me back

That should keep me busy! What are your goals?