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New Book Released

Break Free From Every Abuse, Healing Manual

Break Free from every Abuse Healing Manual cover


  • Abuse and the law
  • Sex Abuse
  • Human Sex Trafficking
  • Domestic violence
  • Date-rape
  • Elder Abuse
  • Effects of abuse
  • Why people commit crimes
  • Healing is for everyone
  • Getting to healing and wholeness
  • Healing and miracles
  • Know the father’s love for you
  • Prayer essentials
  • God’s promises
  • Receive your healing
  •  Heaven   on Earth

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New Release

50 Shades front cover2

50 Shades of Love is a collection of mini meditations to help you know the depth, breadth and heighth of God’s love for you. You are the apple of His eye!


Linda Irene is the author of:

*Abused No More – A book of positive affirmations and Bible promises especially for the abused.   Also an Audiobook

*Has God Said Thou Shalt Stay Abused? A Memoir and Roadmap to Healing

*Love Letters from the Heart of God – A collection of letters as written from God to us.


Do You Have Hamster Love?



Did you know that hamster love is Biblical?

When my children were small, we had hamsters. What we did not know until it was too late, was that we had male and female hamsters. Hamsters are nocturnal and since I tend to be a night person, I had the opportunity to observe them while everyone else slept.

What amused and fascinated me was how the males and females interacted with each other—he pursued, she allowed him to.  The process went something like this: He showed interest by sniffing her tail. She’d put her tail down, make one lap around the cage to flee and then after she got six inches past him going into the second lap, she’d stop and put her tail up to allow him to catch up and approach her. As soon as he thought he was home free, she’d take off again. The process repeated several times until she was ready, only then did consummation happen.

God designed men to pursue—it’s in their DNA—their primal nature to hunt.  Today’s women very often do the pursuing. While it strokes the male ego, it partially robs him of his identity and the satisfaction of a successful chase, and it robs her of feeling special, sought after, and desired.

While I do not advocate tail sniffing, I do think we need to get back to nature and do things the way God intended. What do you think?

I Can Fly


Glory Window, Chapel of Thanksgiving, Dallas, Texas




I love stained glass windows. They are so colorful, intricately made  and majestic. When I gaze into their beauty, I am inspired. I am reminded that as I give God more of my life, I become weightless; I can fly–soar beyond my earthy struggles into the world of limitless possibilities.

I believe it because it is true–with God anything is possible–He said so. I am learning to take that truth into my being and allow it to permeate me until doubts, fears and resistance are no more. I can fly, but only I can choose if I will!

How to Overcome Fear & Anxiety

How fear and anxiety come to us:

  • As a result of experienced trauma –  anything that caused us severe emotional or mental anguish
  • It has been handed down from our parents, and they learned it from their parents, etc.
  • We may have been neglected during our formative years, which casts a lurking, shadowy sense of anxiety around us.
  • Or, we have been so over-protected that we have learned to fear everything.

God does not want us locked up in fear. He gave us the emotion of fear to help us avoid or escape danger. It was never meant to be a roadblock.

Philippians 4:6, 7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything,but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” (NIV)

The more trust we can place in God, the less fear we will experience.

1 Peter 5:7 says, You can throw the whole weight of your anxieties upon him, for you are his personal concern. (Phillips)

Think about it. Can you begin in some small way to trust God a little more with each fear? He’s on your side.