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Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is the day when everyone thinks about love. Even though love doesn’t always turn out as planned, it is still a good day to think loving thoughts or to do acts of kindness for others.

I remember my first love. We were in kindergarten. It was nap time and I positioned myself to have my blanket next to Joe. However, he did not have interest in me and made that abundantly clear when he bit himself in the web between his thumb and index finger. Crying out in pain, he showed the teacher the teeth imprints on his little hand and said, “Linda did it.”

There were a couple lessons learned:

  • love isn’t always reciprocated
  • sometimes you are blamed for what you didn’t do
  • rejection hurts

But, we cannot let hurts of the past keep us from blossoming into our full potential. Sometimes it takes courage and baby steps to get us there. We forgive. We grow. And we trust that not everyone is going to bite their own hand to avoid love.

picture courtesy of fanpop