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Do we use Anger or Love to get what want?


This is what anger does to the child in each of us.

Most people handle anger in one of five ways.

  1. Some try to  bury their anger. They may avoid they person they are angry with to avoid confrontation.
  2. Some are passive-aggressive. They don’t get mad, they get even. They may use the silent treatment, stubbornness or withhold what the other person wants or needs to get even. They never directly face their anger or let others know why they are angry.
  3. Some use anger to get what they want by threatening or overpowering others.
  4. Some are explosive. When they are upset, everyone knows it. They fly off the handle, blow off steam, then it’s over–for them. Everyone else around them becomes upset as a result.
  5. Some purposely pick fights because they are addicted to the power surge and anger high they get from being angry and throwing a tantrum.

Isn’t it better to act in positive, loving ways rather than react?

We can deal with anger in healthy ways by:

  • speaking our truth with love
  • treating each other with respect
  • not stuffing anger
  • taking time to understand why we became angry in the first place
  • don’t try to resolve issues while still angry

Watch for the things that trigger our anger

  • being offended
  • not getting what we want
  • someone did not meet our expectations

We have options.

We can:

  1. demand your rights
  2. seek first to understand the situation completely from both sides
  3. take time to discuss the issues before jumping to conclusions

Which will you choose?