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Happy Valentine’s Day

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You make our hearts glad because we trust You, the only God.  Psalm 33:21

How many of us love, love? I love, love:  holding hands, that special look, a warm embrace, romantic dinners—it makes you feel good, does it not, to spend time with Someone who reciprocates and demonstrates their love to us?

Do you know God loves, love? The object of His affection is you. He continuously demonstrates His love for us. I’m sure each of us could list a myriad of ways He has demonstrated His love for you when you least expected it—from that parking space that opened up just when you needed it, to kind words and encouragement that came at the perfect time, to healings.

God has His hand on us every day. He is in the background of our lives like antivirus software, always protecting us and working on our behalf to provide a safe environment. And, every so often God sends us personalized reminders of His great love for us. Today was one of those days.

My desk faces the window so that when I sit down to write I can, from time to time, look out to see my little corner of the world.

As I glanced up at the sky, I saw a formation of a sky-blue heart outlined in white puffy clouds. It was God’s love reminder to me. God knows I like hearts, and I especially like the hearts He gives me to remind me that even when I haven’t taken time to be with Him, He still loves me and is thinking of me. How sweet and thoughtful is He?

Thank you, Lord, for the hearts you place in the sky and for heart-shaped stones and so many other ways you display Your affection and love for us. You meet us where we are and find ways to remind us how much You love us. Thank you for all the little ways every day that You show us Your love. Help us not take You for granted. Help us look for and recognize Your hearts of love.

Excerpt from 50 Shades of His Love by Linda Irene available on Amazon

Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is the day when everyone thinks about love. Even though love doesn’t always turn out as planned, it is still a good day to think loving thoughts or to do acts of kindness for others.

I remember my first love. We were in kindergarten. It was nap time and I positioned myself to have my blanket next to Joe. However, he did not have interest in me and made that abundantly clear when he bit himself in the web between his thumb and index finger. Crying out in pain, he showed the teacher the teeth imprints on his little hand and said, “Linda did it.”

There were a couple lessons learned:

  • love isn’t always reciprocated
  • sometimes you are blamed for what you didn’t do
  • rejection hurts

But, we cannot let hurts of the past keep us from blossoming into our full potential. Sometimes it takes courage and baby steps to get us there. We forgive. We grow. And we trust that not everyone is going to bite their own hand to avoid love.

picture courtesy of fanpop